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Anthony Salari – Stupid Pretty Girl chords


F#You walked in and it was sweet sunshine
FI wanted to hold your hand all the time
Bbwhen I picked you my favorite flower
Bwe smiled so much our cheeks hurt for hours
F#tomarrow came different and tomarrow came soon
Fyou called me over to see your room
Bbwhen I walked in you bumped my head
Bthe blood ran pretty all over your bed
F#stu stu stupid pretty girl
Fcame around and ruined my world
Bbset my hair on fire
Bpush me down and call me a liar
F#baby baby why you treat me so bad
Fcant you see that it makesme sad
Bball this ouh you put me through
Byou knew id do anything for you so
F#wait a minute where you goin now
FI thought love was all about
Bba hug and kiss or holdin tight
Bbutyou brought knives to slice slice slice me
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