Anthrax – Nice Fuckin Ballad tab

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From: (student)

N.F.B. by Anthrax
Off their 'Attack of the killer b's'

G: 320033
D/F#: 200232
Am: x02210
C: 032010

Note: this is for the rythum guitar, I don't have the patience to fill
tab out for the solo. (I don't have tab programs...sue me)

Intro:G C Am D
G(fillin 1)              C (fillin 2)               Am
We fell in love at first sight, I can't explain the feelings when I first
     D(fillin 3)
saw you...
We were so so happy a lifetime of love sweet honey child, you'll always
be mine...
But then I played the fool I never ment to hurt you of sleep with all
your friends....
In reconsile we found ourselfs, our love was ment to be, Oh baby can't
you see....Ohhh


You left me standing in the mud cring to myself, a heart so full of pain.

But we found our love again, this time forever, true love prevails
G                   C(strum once) Then strum a palm muted Am once at end
She got hit by a truck...
                         (Basic Crying till fade)

fillin 1 (I think, I don't have my axe here)

fillin 2 (This one again I'm not totally sure of, I'll come in laterand correct them if the're wrong)C0---3---------|1-3---3-2-0-2-|0-------------|2-------------|3-------------|0-------------|
fillin 3 (This one I know Is right.)D/F#2----------------|3----------------|2-------0-----0--|0------0-----0---|0-----0-----0----|2-0-3-----2------|
Cool little tune, enjoy. Alex Elaschuk -"The most serious problem facing students today is the raising liquor prices." (Roger Gallant)
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