Anti-flag – Tar And Sagebrush tab

Standard tuning capo 7th fret.

Main riffs:e|-----------------3-------|B|-----------------3-------|G|-----------------0-------|D|-----0h2-0-------0-------| G riff 1A|-0h2-------2-0---2-------|E|---------------3-3-------|
e|-----------------3-------|B|-----------------1-------|G|-----0h2-0-------0-------| C riffD|-0h2-------2-0---2-------|A|---------------3-3-------|E|-----------------x-------|
e|-3p0---------------2-------|B|-----3p0-----------3-------|G|---------2p0-------2-------| D riffD|-------------2p0-0-0-------|A|-------------------x-------|E|-------------------x-------|
e|-----------------3-------|B|-----------------3-------|G|-----------------0-------|D|-----0-2-0-------0-------| G riff 2A|-0-2-------2-0---2-------|E|---------------3-3-------|
For the verses, the main riffs are played. The chorus, bridge, and outtro are straight up, easy strumming. Chords are below: Verse 1: G riff 1 If you utter a sound or make a move, we'll kill you G riff Then they gathered around me C riff One man took my right arm G riff And another man took my left D riff When the third man grabbed the front of my coat G riff 2 Then thrown in to an automobile we go Chorus: C A Oh I wish I, I could describe G The terror in that 20 mile ride. C A Oh I wish I, I could describe G The terror in the beautiful California moonlight Verse 2: G riff 1 In an auto with six man and a chauffeur G riff 1 Yeah these Christian patriots C riff They put fingers in my eyes and nose G riff 1 As they subjected me to torture D riff Yeah the torture that a god fearing man G riff 2 Is capable of conceiving. Chorus. Bridge: G You won't kiss the American flag C Well by god we'll make you A We'll ram it down your throat G Sing the Star Spangled Banner with feeling Verse 3: G riff 1 They put their autos together G riff 1 So the lamp set a sickly stage light C riff Fourteen defenders of this country G riff 1 All commanding me to undress D riff They poured tar over my body and hair G riff 2 In the absence of feathers they rubbed sagebrush instead Chorus. Outtro: C A My suffering was terrible. G G G But my greatest pain was over you.
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