Anti-flag - Until It Happens To You tab

*Tabbed by Colleen on 6-25-07*

Hey, sorry if this isn't perfect-but I think it's pretty close.
This song's really awesome, so i figured i'd make the tab to it :)

h- hammer on
p- pull off
v- vibrato
/- slide up
\- slide down

*standard tuning*

-Bass into (0:08)

INTRO/Riff #1:e-------------------------------|-------------------------------|B----9---9-9---9-9---9--12--9--7|-9---9-9---9---------------2*--|G------8-----8-----8------------|---8-----8---8p6h8p6h8p6h8----8|D-------------------------------|-------------------------------|A-------------------------------|-------------------------------|E-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
* this note's enharmonic to the 6, but on this clip i saw it looks like this is the way it's played.
VERSE:e---------| Just repeat this as many times as needed until the chorus.B---------| Listen to the song for correct placement/ rhythm.G---------|D-7---10--|A-7----8--|E-5----8--|
CHORUS: D Ce--------------------------------------------------------------." "You turn your faceB-------------------------| D----------------------------." AG-7---5---7-------7---5----------------------------------------." You turn your backD-7---5---7---7---7---5--7| D C-------------." AA-5---3---5---7---5---3--7| You say that can't be true..-."E-------------5----------5-------------------------------------." (D) (C) (A)
-Then play riff #1 (intro) for the bridge part here -Repeat verse and chorus -then play riff #2
Riff #2:e-----------------------|B-----------------------|G------5----------7-----| (x2) this is the part before the soloD--7---5---7--7---7---7-|A--7---3---7--7---5---7-|E--5-------5--5-------5-|
- I think it's pretty close. The third and 4th measure's may be a little bit sketchy, i don't think they're too far off. The rest should be fine. :) -then the next part is mostly just bass and drums, but it does sound like there's one chord at the part where he says "yeah they call it america/ land of the free/ home of the the last time :
- then just repeat the chorus and you're done! just listen to the song to figure out the exact timing for some parts- * if you have any questions or comments you can email me: ENJOY!
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