Antimatter - The Power Of Love chords

The Cover-Song from Antimatter: "the power of love" like Mick Moss it played on 
the "Live@ An club"

Capo 2nd fret


hm G hm G

hm G aye ay ye ay ye aye feels like
hm Gfire I'm so in love with you
hm Gdreams are like angels they keep bad at bay (b.a.b)
hm Glove is the light scaring darkness a away ye aaaa
hm Gyay I'm so in love with you ?purge the soul
Asus2 make love your go--oal
hm G Asus2 G Asus2the power of love a force from above cleaning my soul
hm G flame on burn desire, love with tongues of
Asus2fire purge the soul
G hmmake love your goal
and so on ...
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