Antimatter – The Last Laugh tab

The Last Laugh

Taken from the album SAVIOUR

     F      A9     G      E    CMAJ7   EM   FMAJ7

VERSE 1 --------- (F)And so you had the (A)last laugh - ha ha (F)ho... I laughed you off a (A)long time ago. (F)Your ever changing (A)personality never (G)fails to tickle me at(E)all. (F)You said you were a (A)white witch, (F)reminds me of a (A)movie that you'd seen. (F)Well can you still open (A)doors with just your mind? In this (G)little space in time, I've (E)played with better things. CHORUS ------- (F)Everything you've done...(A)(F)The games you said you'd(A) won - I still re(F) member all too (A)well. (F)The foes that fought and (A)lost - (F)the fools that bore your (A)cross - I still re(F)member all too (A)well. (F)(A)And it's all a state of (F)mind.(A) VERSE2 -------- (F)I've seen you crave af(A)fection -(F) affected minds don't (A)work too evenly. (F)What did you call it when you (A)stabbed me in the back? and re(G)wrote in retrospect (E)lovers pain (F)Where do you find re(A)demption? (F)Tucked away in (A)pre-recorded dreams? (F)Do you wake each morning (A)wondering when it came? The ex(G)periments in pain no (E)longer here in my world. CHORUS ------- BREAK ------- CMAJ7 / EM / FMAJ7 / CMAJ7 / EM x2 LEAD GUITAR BREAK ------------------ (F) . (A) . x3
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