Antioch Community Church – Come And Be Exalted chords

Left handed
Come And Be Exalted
James Mark Gulley & Stephen Gulley
©2012 Antioch Music
All rights reserved.
Vamp: //Bb – Eb – F – Gm//Verse:
BbAs high as the heavens are over the earth
Gm EbSo strong is Your love for those who fear You
BbAs far as the sunrise is from the sunset
Gm EbYou have taken our sins from us
Eb FYou are unbreakable You have no shadow of change
Eb Cm Eb FYou are unshakeable You are faithful beyond measure
Bb F/ACome and be exalted Lord
Eb/G FCome and be exalted Lord
Eb FCome and be exalted Lord
Gm F/AAs we lift up Your name lift up Your name
BbSeasons high and seasons low
This one thing we know for sure
GmYour great love stays the same
EbAnd your Word will never change
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