Antje Duvekot - Streets Of Soho tab

Streets of Soho -- Antje Duvekot  Alt. tuning: EADGAe CAPO II Chords at end
Tabbed by Travis Hussey,

Intro: A4hA, AhA6-A4, A4hA, A9-A4 x2

When she moved to the city she was 20 years old   A4hA, AhA6-A4...
Coming from the midwest she had never left home   
Upon the Brooklyn bridge, she took a 
Deep breath                                       A4hA, A9-A4

Well the boys on Water Street whistled & chimed   A4hA, AhA6-A4...
Singin' "Hey, seniorita, my you look fine," and baby 
Take a deep... 

An' hey, la, hey la la la                       E
Livin' in the city that never stops, oh         A, A6-A
Sweet little baby is in for a shock 'cause the  A4, A4/B
Streets of Soho ain't like Iowa                 A, A6-A4 x2, A4hA, A9-A4

She got a job at a deli on Maple & Kent           A4hA, AhA6-A4...
$5 an hour can barely make rent and she's
Closing up late...
                                                  A4hA, A9-A4
She struck up with an actor who waited on tables  A4hA, AhA6-A4...
He told her he loved her so she let him stay and he was
Gone the next... day
                                                  A4hA, AhA6-A

CHORUS (with rise on "Iowa", end w/ A4hA, A-A4 into Bridge)

There's beggars and brokers, artists & millionaires      F#m, E
Women in fur coats, yeah, and strippers upstairs         A, A4/B
There's graffiti on back walls and sleeping in alleyways F#m, E
47th floor, yeah, she's come a long way                  A, A4/B-A4
There are lawyers and bankers and limos and taxi cabs    F#m, E
Busses and traffic are blaring their horns               A, A4/B
There's shouting in Spanish... an' hey la la...          F#m, E (hold)
It ain't like Iowa...(To intro with A9v2-A4 second time)

Now she's living with a stripper in a 1-room flat  A4hA, AhA6-A4...
And she wonders what her daddy would have thought about that
But she wouldn't want to go back
Wouldn't want to go back to Iowa
Now she is locking up the deli and getting on the subway
Throws a cigarette out it's been a long long day
But she is feeling grown up... yeah...
Take a deep breath...   A4hA, AhA6-A6

(repeat "Streets of Soho..." x4, replace with "Brooklyn" very last time)
(Use x44400, x22200, x02200 as last two chord progressions) 

A4=x00200 A=x02200  A6=x04200 A9=xxx400  A9ver2=x00440  A4/B=x20200 E=022100
F#m=244200 (use thumb for bass note, don't use middle finger)
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