Antony And The Johnsons - Daylight And The Sun chords

   / Antony and the Johnsons  /
  / Dayligt and the Sun      /
 / The Crying Light         /

This is the main string-figure.

repeat this end on:-------------------:-------::-------------------:-------::--11--12--11---9---:--11---::-------------------:-------::---9--10---9---7---:---9---::-------------------:-------:
Verse: "Now I cry for daylight..." 6/8 | D | F#m | G | D | | D | F#m | G | A | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | A | (Then dissolve the time signature and run amok on the note [A].) Bridge: (In this case it's easier to just write the chords over the lyrics.)
Bm There was no light
A#o Bm *A#o = A#m6-5 (x12023) Only the white night
F#m First born when the sun
A#o Bm Screamed her eyes wide o- pen
Bm Daylight in the fields
A#o Bm Daylight moun-tains
F#m Fire kisses the floor
A#o Bm Of the lakes and makes sha-dows
Extended Verse: 6/8 | D | F#m | G | D | | D | F#m | G | A | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | A | A | | D Bm | A | A | Outro: In these final verses (from 4:20) there's only the chord A. LYRICS ********** Now I cry for daylight Daylight and the sun Now I cry for daylight Daylight everyone Daylight in my heart Daylight in the trees Daylight kissing everything She can see There was no light Only the white night First born when the sun Screamed her eyes wide open Daylight in the fields Daylight mountains Fire kisses the floor Of the lakes and makes shadows Ooh, your dream Here on the water Warm the sand The seagulls calling Kissed by kindness You gave me this Your fire becomes a kiss
+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 17th /March /10Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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