Antony And The Johnsons - One Dove chords

   / Antony and the Johnsons  /
  / One Dove                 /
 / The Crying Light         /

As typical for the songs off The Crying Light, the arrangement of this song
is very indistinct/blurry/muzzy in its own beautifully easthetic way.
... that's a bitch to transcribe though :D
It's difficult to find any particular things to play, but there IS a little
structure in the haze though! In the bottom of this soundscape, there is a
neat little guitar-figure - in the verses only, that is.

 The guitar-figure:
An acoustic guitar plays this little part for a verse.
Pick the B- and E-strings with your index and long finger,
while picking the bass notes with your thumb.
As notated, repeat each line.

Em|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----0-----0-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-----0-----0-||-------------------------|-------0-----------------| 2x|-------------5-----5-----|-4-----------------5-----||-------2-----------------|-------------2-----------||-0-----------------------|-------------------------|
Cmaj7|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----0-----0-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-----0-----0-||-------------------------|-------0-----------------| 2x|-------2-----5-----5-----|-4-----------------5-----||-3-----------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------3-----------|
Bm7/11|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----3-----3-----3-----3-|-----3-----3-----3-----3-||-------------2-----2-----|-------2-----------2-----| 2x|-------0-----------------|-0-----------4-----------||-2-----------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------|
Am7|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----1-----1-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-----1-----1-||-------------0-----0-----|-------0-----------0-----| 2x|-------2-----------------|-2-----------2-----------||-0-----------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------|
Intro: Play the Em-figure 4 times. 2x Verse Chorus: | F | F | F | F | | C | C | C | C | | F | F | F | F | | C | C | C | C | 2x Verse Chorus 2x Verse (instrumental) (Cut away the very last bar of Am7 right before the chorus.) 2x Chorus Outro: Just play Em till the end. LYRICS ********** One dove You're the one I've been waiting for Through the dark fall The nightmares, the lonely nights I was born A curling fox in a hole Hiding from danger Scared to be alone One dove To bring me some peace In starlight you came from the other side To offer me mercy One dove I'm the one you've been waiting for From your skin I am born again I wasn't born yesterday You were old and hurt I was longing to be free I see things you were too tired That you were too scared to see One dove To bring me some peace In starlight you came from the other side To offer me mercy
+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 17th /March /10Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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