Antony And The Johnsons - Crying Light tab

   /                            /
  /  Antony and the Johnsons   /
 /     The Crying Light       /

In January/February 2010 I went backpacking in South America for two months,
and I brought my mp3 filled up with new music. Some of this music was this
amazing album. After listening to the songs tons of times I couldn't help
transcribing them in my head, and I ended up having a pretty good idea of what
was going on in each song. So this album tab came out very easily.

This tab is mainly - but not only - directed at guitarists!
It is supposed to be an overall scheme for the whole orchestra.

Antony's main instrument IS the piano; and since his playing usually is very
simple and chord-based, it's obvious also to notate the songs as chords.
However, I didn't notate any suggestions for guitar chords on purpose.
The chords rarely suit guitar very well, so I didn't see the point in notating
chord suggestions that would never sound any good anyway.

After all the tabs and chords I've gathered all the lyrics.

Enjoy these wonderful songs!

..and for questions, comments, corrections - just mail me at!

                                    - Jon Sebastian Frederiksen, 18th /March /10


  All songs written by Antony Hegarty (except where noted):

  1.  Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground (Antony & Nick Hegarty)
  2.  Epilepsy Is Dancing
  3.  One Dove (Antony & Barry Reynolds)
  4.  Kiss My Name
  5.  The Crying Light
  6.  Another World
  7.  Daylight and the Sun
  8.  Aeon
  9.  Dust and Water
 10.  Everglade
 11.  My Lord My Love [bonus track]


1. ______________________________________
  /                                     /
 / Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground  /

| D#m | B | F# | F#maj7 |
| D#m | B | F# | F#maj7 |

| C#  | B-5 | F# | C# |
| C#7 | B-5 | F# | C# |


||: G#m | F#m | D#m  C# | B :||

| F# | F# |



(this can't be really transcribed as chords)


2. _______________________
  /                      /
 / Epilepsy is Dancing  /

| Eb  Bb | Cm  Eb/Bb | Ab  Bb | Cm |

| Eb/Bb | Abmaj9 | % |

| Eb  Bb | Cm  Eb/Bb | Ab  Bb | Cm |

| Eb/Bb | Ab6 |

| Gb | Ab | Bbm |

| Gb | Ab | Db  Ab | Bb |

| Ebm  Gbmaj7 | Cm/G |

| Eb | Abmaj7 | % |

| Eb  Bb | Cm  Eb/Bb | Ab  Bb | Cm |

| Eb/Bb | Abmaj9 | % |

| Eb  Bb | Cm  Eb/Bb | Ab  Bb | Cm |

| Eb6/Bb |

| Ab | Bb | Cm | % |

||: Ab | Bb | Cm :|| 8x
(This 3 bar-round is played 8 times, with the music building
up to its wonderful climax; end and fade out on the last Cm.)


3. ____________
  /           /
 / One Dove  /

As typical for the songs off The Crying Light, the arrangement of this song
is very indistinct/blurry/muzzy in its own beautifully easthetic way.
... that's a bitch to transcribe though :D
It's difficult to find any particular things to play, but there IS a little
structure in the haze though! In the bottom of this soundscape, there is a
neat little guitar-figure - in the verses only, that is.

 The guitar-figure:
An acoustic guitar plays this little part in the verses.
Pick the B- and E-strings with your index and long finger,
while picking the bass notes with your thumb.
As notated, repeat each line.

Em|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----0-----0-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-----0-----0-||-------------------------|-------0-----------------| 2x|-------------5-----5-----|-4-----------------5-----||-------2-----------------|-------------2-----------||-0-----------------------|-------------------------|
Cmaj7|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----0-----0-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-----0-----0-||-------------------------|-------0-----------------| 2x|-------2-----5-----5-----|-4-----------------5-----||-3-----------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------3-----------|
Bm7/11|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----3-----3-----3-----3-|-----3-----3-----3-----3-||-------------2-----2-----|-------2-----------2-----| 2x|-------0-----------------|-0-----------4-----------||-2-----------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------|
Am7|---0-----0-----0-----0---|---0-----0-----0-----0---||-----1-----1-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-----1-----1-||-------------0-----0-----|-------0-----------0-----| 2x|-------2-----------------|-2-----------2-----------||-0-----------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------|
Intro: Play the Em-figure 4 times. 2x Verse Chorus: | F | F | F | F | | C | C | C | C | | F | F | F | F | | C | C | C | C | 2x Verse Chorus 2x Verse (instrumental) (Cut away the very last bar of Am7 right before the chorus.) 2x Chorus Outro: Just play Em till the end. ******************************************************************************** 4. ________________ / / / Kiss My Name / /_______________/
Intro:(The intro just happens to fit perfectly for guitar.) 6/8 Bm Bm G (+11) F#|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------||-------3-----|-------3-----|-------0--2--|-2--2--2-----||-----4-----4-|-----4-----4-|-----0-0--0--|-3--3--3-----||---4---------|---4---------|---0---------|-4--4--4-----||-2-----------|-2-----------|-------------|-4--4--4-----||-------------|-------------|-3-----------|-2--2--2-----|
Verses: ||: D | F#m | G | F#m | | G | D | Em | F#m :|| 6x Bridge: | Bm | Bm | G | F#m | | Bm | Bm | G | D | | Bm | Bm | G | F# | | F# | % | % | % | Finale: 3 verse-rounds, and break on the last F#m, then 1 verse-round more, again breakdown on F#m, and end the song. ******************************************************************************** 5. ____________________ / / / The Crying Light / /___________________/ The song is simply this round played 4 times with a few variations.
4/4 D C D Asus2 Am|-----------------|-----0-----------|-2p0-------------|-----0-----------||-----3---------1-|---------1-------|-----3---------0-|---------1-------||---2---------0---|---------0-------|-------------2---|---------2-------||-0---------2-----|---2-------------|-0---------2-----|---2-------------||---------3-------|-----------------|---------0-------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
(2/4) D/F# G F C|-----------------|---------|---------------||---------0-------|---------|-------1-------||-----2-------0---|-----2---|-----0---------| (in the 2nd and 4th round,|---0-------0-----|---------|---2-----------| play a 2/4-bar of C more)|-----------------|---3-----|-3-------------||-2-------3-------|-1-------|---------------|
D C D Am|---------------0-|---------0-------|-2p0-------------|-----0-----------||-----3-------1---|-----1-----------|-----3-----------|---------1-------||---2-------0-----|---0---0---------|---------------2-|---------2-------||-0---------------|-2---------------|-0-----------2---|---2---2---------||---------3-------|-----------------|---------0-------|-0---------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
(2/4) D/F# G F|-----------------|---------||---------0-------|---------||-----2-------0---|-----2---||---0-------0-----|-----3---||-----------------|---3-----||-2-------3-------|-1-------|
(3/4) (3/4) (2/4) (2/4) (3/4) Em|-------------|-------------|---------|---------|-------------||-------------|---0---------|---0-----|---0-----|---0---------||-------0-----|-2---0-------|-2---0---|-2---0---|-2---0-------||-----2-------|-----------2-|-------2-|-------2-|-----2-------||---2---------|-2-------2---|-2-------|-2-------|-2-----------||-0-----------|-----0-------|-----0---|-----0---|-----0-------|
_______________________________________________________________ In the 3rd round, the last (confusing!) line is even longer:
(3/4) (3/4) (2/4) (2/4) (3/4) Em|-------------|-------------|---------|---------|-------------||-------------|---0---------|---0-----|---0-----|---0---------||-------0-----|-2---0-------|-2---0---|-2---0---|-2---0-------||-----2-------|-----------2-|-------2-|-------2-|-----2-----2-||---2---------|-2-------2---|-2-------|-2-------|-2-------2---||-0-----------|-----0-------|-----0---|-----0---|-----0-------|
(3/4) (2/4) (2/4) (3/4) Em|-------------|---------|---------|-------------||---0---------|---0-----|---0-----|---0---------||-2---0-------|-2---0---|-2---0---|-2---0-------||-----------2-|-------2-|-------2-|-----2-------||-2-------2---|-2-------|-2-------|-2---2-------||-----0-------|-----0---|-----0---|-----0-------|
_______________________________________________________________ In the 4th and final round, the very last bar is like this:
(3/4) Em|-----0^------||---0-0^------||-2---0^------||-----2^------||-2---2^------||-----0^------|
******************************************************************************** 6. _________________ / / / Another World / /________________/ This is a very simple song, but it's still one of my favorite Antony songs! The song consists of nothing more than these four bars repeated over and over: A E D C#m D |1---2---3---4---|1---2---3---4---|1---2---3---4---|1---2---3---4---| Each repetition of the chords matches a line from the lyrics. The chords follow the syllables all the way, like this: A E D C#m D I need another place, will there be peace? It only varies a bit on the final line when only repeating the first two bars: A E D Another wo___________rld ******************************************************************************** 7. _______________________ / / / Dayligt and the Sun / /______________________/ Intro: This is the main string-figure.
repeat this end on:-------------------:-------::-------------------:-------::--11--12--11---9---:--11---::-------------------:-------::---9--10---9---7---:---9---::-------------------:-------:
Verse: "Now I cry for daylight..." 6/8 | D | F#m | G | D | | D | F#m | G | A | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | A | (Then dissolve the time signature and run amok on the note [A].) Bridge: (In this case it's easier to just write the chords over the lyrics.) Bm There was no light A#o Bm *A#o = A#m6-5 (x12023) Only the white night F#m First born when the sun A#o Bm Screamed her eyes wide o- pen Bm Daylight in the fields A#o Bm Daylight moun-tains F#m Fire kisses the floor A#o Bm Of the lakes and makes sha-dows Extended Verse: 6/8 | D | F#m | G | D | | D | F#m | G | A | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | Bm | | G | D | Em | A | A | | D Bm | A | A | Outro: In these final verses (from 4:20) there's only the chord A. ******************************************************************************** 8. ________ / / / Aeon / /_______/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the piano intro, check out my guitar pro tab of it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This song is just this round of 8 bars repeated. Don't bother counting the rounds - it's easier to just keep notice of the lyrics. The guitar part here is recorded by two electric guitars with a little overdrive. They're playing in unison, and it's one panned in either side, which creates this massive sound.
6/8 4/8 6/8 Eb Db Ab Eb Db|-------------|-------------|-4-------|-------------||-------8-----|-------6-----|-4---8---|-------6-----||-----8---8---|-----6---6---|-5---8---|-----6---6---||---8-------8-|---6-------6-|-6---8---|---6-------6-||-6-----------|-4-----------|-6---6---|-4-----------||-------------|-------------|-4-------|-------------|
Fm Cm Eb Eb*|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------||-------9-----|-------8-----|-------8-----|-------8-----||----10--10---|-----8---8---|-----8---8---|-----8---8---||--10------10-|--10------10-|---8-------8-|---8-------8-||-8-----------|-------------|-6-----------|-6-----------||-------------|-8-----------|-------------|-------------|
*the guitar in the right speaker often plays a fill around here: it's just about strumming this Ebsus4 chord: x6889x ******************************************************************************** 9. ___________________ / / / Dust and Water / /__________________/ This is just based around the note F, with Antony playing around on top of it. The choir sings an octave of F all the way through the song. Occasionally an A (the 3rd) is added, sometimes a Bb (the 4th), and sometimes also a C (the 5th). That's really all there is to it! ******************************************************************************** 10._____________ / / / Everglade / /____________/ This beautiful symphonic piece is based on simple piano chords. I'm not going to transcribe the full score for this tab, so I'll just leave you with the chords :) A: | C#m | B | A | G#m | | F#m | E | D | C# | B: | F# | B | E | B | | E | G#m | A B + | C#m | G#7 | Symphony Finale: A B A (end on the E) ******************************************************************************** 11._________________________________ / / / My Lord My Love (bonus track) / /________________________________/
Verse: | Bbm | Gb | Fm | % | | Ebm | Db -/C -/Bb | Ab | | Bbm | Eb | Chorus: ||: Db | Ab | Bbm | Gb :|| 2x | Gb Fm Ebm | Verse (similar to previous) Chorus: ||: Db | Ab | Bbm | Gb :|| 4x | Gb Fm Ebm | Bbm ... ******************************************************************************** LYRICS (all lyrics are copied from the wonderful site ******************************************************************************** 1. ______________________________________ / / / Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground / /_____________________________________/ Her eyes are underneath the ground I have heard the crying sound No one can stop you now No one can stop you now Her eyes are basking in the sun No one knows why she did the thing she's done Ocean, swallow me now Ocean, swallow me now In the garden with my mother I stole a flower With my mother and in her power I stole a flower I saw six eyes glistening in my womb I felt you calling to me in the gloom Rest assured, your love is pure Rest assured, your love is pure In the garden with my mother I stole a flower With my mother in her power I chose a flower 2. _______________________ / / / Epilepsy is Dancing / /______________________/ Epilepsy is dancing She's the Christ now departing And I'm finding my rhythm As I twist in the snow All the metal burned in me Down the brain of my river All the fire was searching For a waterway home I cry "glitter is love!" My eyes pinned inside With green jewels Hanging like Christmas stars From a golden vein As I came to a screaming Hold me while I'm dreaming For my fingers are curling And I cannot breathe Then I cried in the kitchen How I'd seen your ghost witching As a soldering blue line Between my eyes Cut me in quadrants Leave me in the corner Oh, now it's passing Oh, now I'm dancing 3. ____________ / / / One Dove / /___________/ One dove You're the one I've been waiting for Through the dark fall The nightmares, the lonely nights I was born A curling fox in a hole Hiding from danger Scared to be alone One dove To bring me some peace In starlight you came from the other side To offer me mercy One dove I'm the one you've been waiting for From your skin I am born again I wasn't born yesterday You were old and hurt I was longing to be free I see things you were too tired That you were too scared to see One dove To bring me some peace In starlight you came from the other side To offer me mercy 4. ________________ / / / Kiss My Name / /_______________/ Kiss my name Mama, in the afterglow When the grass is green with grow And my tears have turned to snow Well, I'm only a child Born upon a grave Dancing through the stations Calling out my name Kiss my name Oh, kiss my name I am trying to be sane I'm trying to kiss my friends And when broken, make amends Kiss my name, the curtains white The turtle doves embroider light As I lie, murdered in ground The rain compacting sodden sound Of songs I sang the years before Kiss my name When it was time to rain Upon the coal that I became Won't you kiss my name, oh mama Won't you kiss my name, baby Kiss my name 5. ____________________ / / / The Crying Light / /___________________/ Let I Shy cry Under the light Let I Cry sight A child at night I can Have courage To receive your love I can Step steps Follow my blind Inside My self The secret grows My own Shelter Agony goes The crying light I was born to adore you As a baby in the blind I was born to represent you To carry your head into the sun To carve you face into the back of the sun The crying light 6. _________________ / / / Another World / /________________/ I need another place, will there be peace? I need another world, this one is nearly gone Still have too many dreams, never seen the light I need another world, a place where I can go I'm gonna miss the sea, I'm gonna miss the snow I'm gonna miss the bees, miss the things that grow I'm gonna miss the trees, I'm gonna miss the sun I'll miss the animals, I'm gonna miss you all I need another place, will there be peace? I need another world, this one is nearly gone Still have too many dreams, never seen the light I need another world, a place where I can go Im gonna miss the birds singing all their songs Im gonna miss the wind, been kissing me so long Another world 7. _______________________ / / / Dayligt and the Sun / /______________________/ Now I cry for daylight Daylight and the sun Now I cry for daylight Daylight everyone Daylight in my heart Daylight in the trees Daylight kissing everything She can see There was no light Only the white night First born when the sun Screamed her eyes wide open Daylight in the fields Daylight mountains Fire kisses the floor Of the lakes and makes shadows Ooh, your dream Here on the water Warm the sand The seagulls calling Kissed by kindness You gave me this Your fire becomes a kiss 8. ________ / / / Aeon / /_______/ Oh aeon My baby boy Oh aeon will take care of me All the stars, your eyes Raining just for me Oh aeon will set me free Oh aeon My baby boy Oh aeon will repair me Oh his heart enjoyed  Restores eyes alloyed Carry me through the olden void Oh aeon His arms are warm Oh aeon was never born Aeon's eyes forlorn He contains the storm He's the pasture of my dawn Oh aeon My baby boy Oh aeon will take care of me Hold my father For it is myself Without him I wouldn't exist Oh aeon Love my father For my father is myself Hold that man In your tender clutch Hold that man I love so much 9. ___________________ / / / Dust and Water / /__________________/ Love the coal Love the way you're waiting I love your kind patience Dust and water Water and dust Water and dust I know, I know How ?moon pow? Did you think I'd leave you here Forever Oh, I know, I know Understand water Water and dust Water and dust ?My moon, my moon, my moon? ?How long, my moon? How long can dust wait Ask the moon But ask him soon Ask him soon Dust and water Water and dust Water and dust ?How long? Understand water Water and dust 10._____________ / / / Everglade / /____________/ When I'm floating in the water And your eyes are lilies all around When I'm lying sweetly in my bed The sun plays crystal with my eyes Then I stop My body stops crying for home My limbs stop weeping for home When I'm peeping in a parlour of trees And the leaves are winking all around I'm home, my heart sobs in my veins But brains they play the softest games Fingers kiss the string Mouth taste the blade of everglade Of everglade 11._________________________________ / / / My Lord My Love (bonus track) / /________________________________/ The cream pooled cry, gone astray In the park or on the lawn My lord, my love Take care of those you're dreaming of My sister put it right My mind, lock me down at night My lord, my love Take care of the ones you say you love When we were children in the hay We felt your eyes were upon us My lord, my love Help me to remember My sister put it right My mind lock me down at night My lord, my love Take care of the ones you say you love +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 18th /March /10 Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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