Antony And The Johnsons - You Are My Sister chords

   / Antony and The Johnsons  /  Before I heard this song, I had no idea that
  / You Are My Sister        /  Boy George could sing this soulfully. This is
 / I Am a Bird Now          /  uniquely soulful song by two unique singers!
/__________________________/  I am always deeply touched when listening to this.

Count the 4/4 slowly.
The main key of this song is Ab major. This is not in clearly indicated in the
Intro and Verses though. Here the piano includes the note D in its right hand
melodies. The note D isn't part of Ab major, but part of the neighbouring key
C minor, so you can perceive it in either key. (To be theoretically correct,
it would be named an Ab lydian mode.) The key of regular Ab major isn't clearly
determined until the Db chord is played and flattenes the D note to Db.

| Ab | Cm | Ab | Cm |

| Ab | Cm | Ab | Cm |
| Db | Ab | Db | Ab |


| Ab | Eb | Fm | Cm |
| Db | Fm | Eb | Ab |

| Ab | Eb | Fm | Cm |
| Db | Fm | Eb |

In the choruses, there's a classical guitar playing this part: Ab Eb Fm Cm|-----------------|-----------------|-1^----1---------|--------3--------||-----------------|-8-----8---------|-1^------1-------|-4^-3-----4------||-------5---------|-----------8-----|-1^--------1-----|-5^---5----------||-----6-----------|-------------8---|-3^----------3---|-5^--------------||---6-----------6-|-----6-----------|-----------------|------------3----||-4---------------|---6-------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Db Fm Eb Ab|-----------------|-1^----1---------|-3-----3-----3---|-4^--------------||-6-----6---------|-1^--------1-----|-4---------------|-4^--------------||---6-------------|-1^----------1---|-3---------------|-5^--------------||-----6-----------|-3^--3-----------|-----------------|-----------------||-4---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Ab Eb Fm Cm|-----------------|------------8------|-----------------|---3------3-----||-----------------|-8----8-/11---11-8-|-----------------|/4---4------4---||---------5-------|-------------------|-10---10-10\--5--|-------5------5-||-----6-----------|-------------------|-----------------|----------------||---6---6-------6-|-------------------|-----------------|----------------||-4---------------|-------------------|-----------------|----------------|
Db Fm Eb Ab|-----------------|-1^----1---------|-----3-----------||-4^-----:|-6-------6-------|-1^--------1-----|---4-------------||-4^-----:|-------6---------|-1^----------1---|-3---------------||-5^-----:|-----6-----------|-3^--------------|-----------------||--------:|---4-------------|-----------------|-----------------||--------:|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------||--------:
Verse + | Db | Ab | Chorus Finale: | Ab | Cm | Db | Fm | | Bbm Cm | Db | ||: Fm Eb | Ab :|| 5x, end on the last Ab. LYRICS ********** You are my sister, we were born So innocent, so full of need There were times we were friends, but times I was so cruel Each night I'd ask for you to watch me as I sleep I was so afraid of the night You seemed to move through the places that I feared You lived inside my world so softly Protected only by the kindness of your nature You are my sister and I love you May all of your dreams come true You are my sister and I, I love you May all of your, all of your dreams come true We felt so differently then So similar over the years The way we laugh, the way we experience pain So many memories, there's nothing left to gain from remembering Faces and worlds that no one else will ever know You are my sister and I love you May all of your dreams come true You are my sister and I, I love you May all of your, all of your dreams come true All of your dreams, all of your dreams come true I want this for you They're gonna come (gonna come true) I see them come (I see them come true)
+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 1st /June /10Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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