Antony And The Johnsons – Bird Gerhl chords

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Bird Gerhl chords
Antony and The Johnsons      

Capo I

C F Dm G Em F

CI am a bird girl
FI am a bird girl
DmI am a bird girl
G Em F I am a bird girl now
C I've got my heart,
Fhere in my hands
DmI've got my heart,
G Em F here in my hands now
CI've been searching,
Ffor my wings
DmI've been searching,
G Em Ffor my wings some time
C FIm gonna be born
C FGonna be born
DmInto soon the sky
FI'm gonna be born
G Em FInto soon the sky
G C'Cause I'm a bird girl
G Em FAnd the bird girls go to heaven
G DmI'm a bird girl
G Em FAnd the bird girls can fly
Em F Oh, bird girls can fly
Em F bird girls can fly
G Em C bird girls can fly
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