Antony And The Johnsons - Soft Black Stars chords

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Soft Black Stars chords
Antony and The Johnsons *

F Am  G

F Am GLittle children snuggle,
F G Amunder soft black stars
F Am GAnd if you look into their eyes,
F G Amsoft black stars
C AmDeliver them from the book,
F G and the letter and the word
F Am GAnd let them read the silence,
F G Ambathed in soft black stars
F Am GLet them trace the raindrops,
F G Amunder soft black stars
F Am GLet them follow whispers,
F G Amand scare away the night
C AmLet them kiss the feather breath,
F G of soft black stars
F Am GAnd let them ride their horses,
F G Amlicked by the wind and the snow
F Am GAnd tip-toe into twilight,
F G Amwhere we all one day will go
F Am GCaressed with tenderness,
F G Amand with no fear at all
C AmTheir faces shining river gold,
F G washed by soft black stars
F Am GAnd angels' wings shall soothe their cares,
F G Amand all the birds shall sing at dawn,
F Am Gblessed and wet with joy
C AmYou and I will meet one day,
F G under the night sky,
F G Amlit by soft black stars.
* Alternate: Capo III F = D Am = F#m G = E C = A Set8
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