Anya Marina - Clean And Sober tab


darling you know i loved you something like a drug darling i twist and turn so in and out of love chorus: D F#m Bm G and now i say i'm glad it's over and i've never felt so clean and sober i've got a black and blue hang over D A D A D darling for you darling i do repeat verse & chorus bridge: F#m Bm i hope you die a fiery death i love you god i need you yeah i hope you choke i wish you all the best for A G D all the rest of your days darling i do then repeat first three lines of chorus twice and then the third line of chorus twice then the last line of the chorus, ending on D. verse 2 lyrics: darling you know you tell me tiny little lies darling you're such a pro with pretty little lines chorus 2 lyrics: and so you say you're glad it's over and you've never felt so clean and sober and you wish me luck and four leaf clovers darling you do darling you do
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