Apartment 26 – Backwards tab

 main riff:

E|----------| B|----------|
G|----------| PM=palm mute D|----------| A|-5-3------| D|-----0--0-| PM . .
the chorus is kind of hard to tab but you let the 5's ring then slide one finger to to 3's while your holding the 5's and pull off into the 3's. its easier than it sounds
chorus: E|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------| G|----------------------------7--| D|-0----4-5~~/p3--0-----------x--| A|-0----4-5~~/p3--0-----------5--| D|-0----4-5~~/p3--0--------------| .
the last chorus goes:
chorus: E|-------------------|--------------------------| B|-------------------|--------------------------| G|-------------------|---------------------7b~--| D|-0----4-5~~/p3--0--|--0--0---0-0---------x----| A|-0----4-5~~/p3--0--|--0--0---0-0---------5b~--| D|-0----4-5~~/p3--0--|--0--0---0-0--------------| . . . .
Legend ~ = let ring / = slide . = palm mute x = muted note
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