Apocalyptica - Life Burns tab

-----LIFE BURNS !------

This is a great Song from Apocalyptica Tabbed for guitar! :

INTRO :e|------------| PLay this a few timesH|------------|G|------------|D|-2-2-5---5-7|A|-2-2-5---5-7|E|-0-0-3-0-3-5|
Instead of the 0 you can play a powerchord (022) but so it's easier. Em D Em We break our enemies with fear and C D Em We've seen how the tears come around C D Em We build our confidence on wasteland C D Em We've seen how the walls come down [play the intro a few times] G F# A man dies like a butterfly Em D C Life burns from the touch of the Reaper D Em All things must pass [play the intro a few times] G F# One love is crooked lie Em D C The world lies in the hands of evil D Em We pray it would last [play the intro a few times] Em D Em We have no sympathy for the lost souls C D Em We've chosen the path of disgrace C D Em We give this life to our children C D Em And teach them to hate this place
On the instrumental version the first cello plays something like this :(Lauris voice are the same tones)e|-3--2--0-----0--2--0-----0----------------0--2---0-----------|H|----------3-----------3-----0----0--1--3-------------3--0----|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|We break... We've seen...A|E|
e|-3--2--0-----0--2--0-----0------------3--2-----2--0----|H|----------3-----------3-----0---0--1--------3----------|G|-------------------------------------------------------|D|we build our confidence...A|E|
H |G man dies like a butterfly... |D--------------------------------|A--------------------------------|E--------------------------------|
e--3--3--2--0--------0--2--0-|-2---0--------|H--------------3--3----------|---------3--0-|G-------------------------------------------|..Lf. burns from the touch.. |all things must pass...
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