Apologetix – Jail Got Rocked tab

Song: Jail Got Rocked
Band: ApologetiX
Album: New and Used Hits

This song is really old, but it's cool. There's probably not too many people
interested in it (maybe that's why its not on the site) but, oh well! I like

For all the verses there is one riff played mulitple times. Here it is:

~ means "let ring out" That's really just an Eb to an E, but that's how it's done on the CD. Chorus A7 E7 B7 A7 E7 That's it! Almost too easy to deserve a tab, but it's cool! (I mean, Elvis, come on!) Matthew "Go against the flow" ><{}> <{}>< <{}>< <{}>< Drop me a comment or two or three!
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