Apologies I Have None – Sat In Vicky Park chords

Sat in Vicky Park - Apologies, I have none (London)
tabbed by ZaB23

This is the Album version in standart tuning.
Originally the guitar is tuned down by one halfstep, so the song must be transposed 1 
halfstep up.
For the acoustic version (in C) simply transpose down this version of the song by 3 
halfsteps. Have fun!

EbGive me East London summer,
Cm Bb AbGive me under the radar and I'm done.
EbMy name is no longer low level worker and I'm gone.
Eb AbI'm gone where bank accounts have no weight,
Cm BbWhere the 26 takes me all the way past landlords and managers,
Eb AbWhere I only move in straight lines forward now.
Cm Bb Ab (Eb Bb Ab)Yeah I only move in straight lines forward now.
Eb AbAnd I'm taking this lesson with me,
Cm BbThe worst mistake to make is to be afraid to make mistakes.
Eb Ab Cm BbAnd I, I--- I can't believe this took so long to learn,
It should be so obvious,
Cm Eb AbLike a man cannot be measured by the number of people he's fucked,
Cm Eb AbLike numbers on a payslip are no indication of worth.
Cm Bb Ab (2x)
Eb (Cm)My relationship with reality,
(Bb) (Ab)It comes and goes. 2X
EbI only move in straight lines forward now/And we rarely see eye to eye
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