April Wine – Im On Fire For You Baby tab

I'M ON FIRE FOR YOU BABYGUITAR INTRO(capo on 1st Fret)Bm7 Am7 Bm7 Am7 G-2---------|-0-------|-2------|-0-------|-3--3---------|-1-------|-3------|-1-------|-3--2---------|-0-------|-2------|-0-------|-0--4---------|-2-------|-4------|-2-------|-0--2---------|-0-------|-2------|-0-------|-2--2---------|-0-------|-2------|-0-------|-3-
CMaj7(C Chord with the index finger off) This empty space I've held so long F You come around, and now I'm warm Em I thought that I was havin' fun Dm And now I see the way it's done CMaj7 I thought we'd led a life before F And who we were, well I'm not sure Em But one thing I know is right Dm I loved you then, I'm gonna love you tonight CHORUS Am7 G I'm on fire for you baby, fire for you woman, all night I'm on fire for you baby, fire for you woman, all night BRIDGE Bm Em It'd be a shame, if our games, were doin' us Bm C G D With all the time spent on tryin', then to lose your lovin' CHORDS FOR THE SOLO ARE THE SAME AS THE CHORUS
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