Aqua – Calling You tab


C F Am G e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------10--10------------------------------|G|------9-9-8-9-------------------12-12--------------------------------------|D|---10---------10-10-10-12---10-----------------9-9-10-9--------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: Am F C G I-yi-yi can't get my message through. Am F C G why-yi-yi don't you pick up the phone? Am F C G F All my love is running down the line, D G but you won't recieve it, no, no. Pre Chorus: E Am Operator all you have to do F D is connect me. I am waiting for it. F G Help me, I am waiting to be Chorus: C F Am G C F C-A-L-L-I-N-G now. I'm calling you. Am G Calling you now.
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