Aqua – Cartoon Heros drum tab

Band:		Aqua
Song:		Cartoon Heros

Ok, the intro is on timps but I guess if u wanted to u could use the toms.

Its somethin like this.
Oh by the way, the counting was weird and stuff but ya anyway.

C |----------------| |---xxxxxxxxxxxxx| |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|T2|x-------x-------| |x---------------| |----------------| |-----------x---|F |----x-------x---| |----------------| |----------------| |---------------|
F|x---------------| 2 bars rest then this
|----------------------Play 2x-------------------------------|T1|----------------| |x-x-------------| rest 2 then play that aginT2|x-------x-------| |----------------|F |----x-------x---| |----------------|
T2|x-------x-------|F |----x-------x---|
VERSE Basic Tecno Hi hat optional, listen carefully its like that. Those hi hats infromt are bearly heard, dont play em if u dont want to.
Play that 16 times then this
T2|x-------x-------|F |----x-------x---|
CHORUS Basically the same
play that 16 x. Interlude{when the chick sings in that cute voice}
T2|------------x---| |----------------|F |----------------| |x---------------|
Play that 4x and then cymbol role out End. yup thats it, work the structure out yaselves. Cyas
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