Ar Rahman - Dreams On Fire Slumdog Millionaire Ost chords

CYou Are My Waking Dream
AmYou' re All Thats Real To Me
F GYou Are The Magic In The World I See
CYou Are In The Prayer I Saying
AmYou Are In My Two My Names
F GYou Are The Faith That Make Me Believe
C AmDreams On Fire
F GHigher N Higher
C Am Passion Burning
F G Ride On The Path
C Am D Em7 Once For Forever Yours
C Am D Em7In Me, All Your Heart,
C Am Dreams On Fire
F G Higher N Higher
You Are My Ocean Rage You Are My Thought Each Day You Are The Laughter From Childhood Games You Are Things Further Down You Are Where I Belong You Are Make Me Feel In Every Songs Dreams On Fire Higher N Higher Passion Burning Ride On The Path Once For Forever Yours In Me, All Your Heart Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher
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