Arash M-t – My Feelings tab

  Em             Bm     C    D                      
  The story is about my feelings 
  Em           Bm   C      D  
  Come and sees how it is
  Em         C    Am            G
  I know a girl Her name is Neda
  Em            C                  
  Neda follows in my dreams 
  Am            G
  I don't know what that means
  She 's pretty smart 
  I got her in my heart
  Neda sounds like an angles name
  How could it be the same
  There is a heaven they called it seven
  Love was born there 
  Now we gonna take it care
  I hope my dreams will be come true 
  Because my pains makes me blue
  There for I take a ride 
  To be by your side
  The coming fortnight I will stay for your ARRIVE!
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