Arcade Fire - Brazil chords

			     BRAZIL - The Arcade Fire
Tabbed by: Alex W. (greensea)
Tuning: Standard

Brazil is a rearrangement of the song Aquarela do Brasil, originally written in 1939.
been recorded a whole bunch of times, and was used to great effect as a theme for Terry
1984 classic, also named Brazil. This version is the b-side for the Arcade Fire's Cold 
and Rebellion (Lies) singles.

The song opens with a distinctive chromatic melody, up and down from B to C#. Here it is
a few different octaves.

Pick and choose one or more of these positions to play, depending on what you like the

CHROMATIC MELODYe|------------------|------------------|B|------------------|-0-1-2--0-1-2-2-1-|G|------------------|------------------|D|------------------|------------------|A|-2-3-4--2-3-4-4-3-|------------------|E|------------------|------------------|
N.C.Play the chromatic melody twice.
EPlay the chromatic melody twice more.
E F#mBrazil, where hearts were entertaining June
We stood beneath an amber moon
G#mAnd softly whispered, "One day soon"
F#m G#mWe kissed and clung together
C# D C# D C#Then - tomorrow was another day
D C#The morning found me miles away
F#mWith still a million things to say
Am EAnd now, the twilight moves the sky above
F#mRecalling thrills of our love
G#mThere's one thing I'm certain of
F#m G#m F#m EReturn, I will, to old Brazil
EPlay the chromatic melody four times.
Repeat VERSE Repeat BRIDGE, ending on E.
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