Arcade Fire – Abrahams Daughter chords


Abraham's daughter by Arcade Fire

Em. D. Em. Dabraham took isaac's hand
Em. D. Emand led him to the lonesome hill
D. Emwhile his daughter hid and watched
D. Emshe dared not breathe she was so still
D. Emjust as an angel cried for the slaughter
D. Emabraham's daughter raised her voice
D. Em. Dthen the angel asked her what her
Emname was she said i have none
D. Emthen he asked how can this be
Em. D. Em my father never gave me one
D. Emand when he saw her raised for the slaughter
Em. abraham's daughter raised her bow
D. Emhow darest you child defy your father
Emyou better let young isaac go
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