Arcade Fire - Well And The Lighthouse tab version 1

Hereís the beginning riff.  Where the notes split, play the bottom notes the
first time and top notes the second time, repeat as needed.

All fingerings are relative to a capo on the first fret.

D F#m G* Bm A/C#-----------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|---------------------0002-0002-----------------------------|-0000-0000-4444-4444---------------------------------------|-------------------------------2222-4444-------------------|-----------2222-2222-3335-3335-----------------------------|
Even though the band doesnít really play chords, Iíve added chords that fit because itís nice to have chords with the words. Hereís one way you could play the chords, putting emphasis on the high or low end of the chord to go along with the high or low version of the riff. Capo 1
D F#m G* Bm A/C#-----------------------------------------------------------|-3333-3333-------------------------------------------------|-2222-2222-----------0002-0002-4444-2222-------------------|-0000-0000-4444-4444-0000-0000-4444-2222-------------------|-----------4444-4444-2220-2220-2222-4444-------------------|-----------2222-2222-333--333------------------------------|
D F#m G* Bm A/C# I'm serving time all for a crime I did D F#m G* Bm A/C# commit. You want the truth? You know I'd do it all D F#m G* Bm A/#C D again. Left for dead. Heaven is only in my head D Dsus2 repeat until A-G A-G (in my head) D F#m G* Bm A/C# I heard a voice calling from down inside a D F#m G* Bm A/C# well. (see that silver shine). She said to come claim what was D F#m G* Bm A/C# mine. So down I fell, down into the water D G* Bm A/C# D black my prison cell, only the moon was shining back D Dsus2 (shining back) F#m Bm F#m/C# Bm If I seem lost...well I weighed the cost Em/G F#m A Em D and chose my crime. now, it's mine all mine
D F#m G* Bm A/C# D F#m G* D-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------0002-0002-------------|-0000-0000-------------------------------0000-0000-4444-4444-----------0000-0000---|-------------------------------2222-4444-------------------------------------------|-----------2222-2222-3335-3335-----------------------------------------------------|
D F#m G* Bm A/C# I heard the voice calling from just outside the D F#m G* Bm A/C# well. She said you fool now that you know your end is D F#m G* Bm A/C# D near. You always fall for what you desire, what you fear. D Dsus2 (what you fear) D F#m G Bm A/C# resurrectin' livin' in a lighthouse D F#m G Bm A if you leave them, ships are gonna wreck D F#m G Bm A/C# resurrectin' livin' in a lighthouse D F#m G D the lions and the lambs aint sleepin yet D F#m G Bm A/C# resurrectin' livin' in a lighthouse D F#m G Bm A can you see the funny side? the ships are gonna wreck D F#m G Bm A/C# resurrectin' livin' in a lighthouse D F#m G D the lions and the lambs aint sleepin yet I like to add a little melody to the G chord, like this, just for fun
liv-in in a lighthouse-3--3--3----2----------------------|-0--2--0----3----2-----------------|-0--0--0--2-4----2-----------------|-0----------4----2-----------------|-2----------2----4-----------------|-3---------------------------------|
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