Archive - Absurd Acoustic chords

This is 'Absurd' played by Archive on 'Noise Unplugged'. 
The other tab is not 100% correct, I think this one is at least very close.


G7M           G6             Dsus2

e--2-- e--0-- e--0-- B--3-- B--3-- B--3--G--0-- G--0-- G--2--D--0-- D--0-- D--0--A--x-- A--x-- A-----E--3-- E--3-- E-----
Intro: G7M / G6 [hammeron/pulloff 2nd fret on the high e-string, listen to the song for the rhythm)]
C Without you
D Dsus2 I haven't a clue
Bm Em What to make of my daze
AmOh my lord
DIt's so absurd
G7MI hardly noticed you [strum same pattern as intro]
C Without you
D Dsus2 My eyes are as blue
Bm Em As a night in a jail
AmOh my lord
DI can't pretend
G7MI hardly noticed you
C Without you there's no
D Dsus2Arms around my world although
Bm EmWords weren't always spoken
AmI'm left here broken
DBut oh my lord
G7MI hardly noticed you
Bb C I hardly noticed you [use barre chords and slide]
GI hardly noticed you [x2]
Bb CI hardly noticed, noticed
GYou [x2]
Solo: C / D Dsus4 / Bm / Em
AmOh my lord
DIf you were here
GI noticed everything
[tab by haida]
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