Archive – Kings Of Speed chords

This is my enhanced chords version of kings of speed from Archive

Chords :
Csus4, Cm, Cm7, Cm9, Gm, Abmaj7, Bbsus4

You can use simpler chords (but lesser harmony...) :
Cm instead of every C something
Ab instead of Abmaj7
Bb instead of Bbsus4

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Intro :

Please don't come any closer to me,
Csus4I feel old like a withered tree,
These days are passing eternally. You won't ask me to slow it down,
GmBlurred emotions in the crown of the kings of speed,
Csus4And all we see in full motion collection.
Time isn't slowing, Abmaj7 Bbsus4 Cm Cm9 Just speed,
Abmaj7 Bbsus4 Just speed.
Cm Csus4 Silence is golden and seems so pretend,
Csus4The towering of war machines and men,
The falling of lives as we wait in line, We are fading to nothing. Losing the race as they steam ahead,
GmLeaving the trail of the living dead,
Moving away,
Csus4Broken frames push forward then play.
Time isn't slowing,
Abmaj7 Bbsus4 Cm Cm9Just speed,
Abmaj7 Bbsus4 It's all we're knowing.
Cm Bridge : (It's all we're knowing) Abmaj7 x4 Cm x2, Cm7, Cm9 Khimero
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