Arctic Monkeys – The Fire And Thud tab

This is a fairly rare song by Arctic Monkeys and I'm not sure if many people
would have heard it but its a class song anyhow.

It's my first tab so you may have to listen to the song a few times the timings.


Main VERSE: ("you showed me my tomorrow...")

|----2-x-222222--(4)(5)(4)---| |----2-x-555555-- 4-5-4------| |----5-x-555555--(0)(0)(0)---| |----4-x-444444--------------| |----4-x-444444--------------| |-0--2-x-222222--------------|
CHORUS "If it's true i'm going to meet you there...")
|--2-5-2-5-2--------------------------| |--2-5-5-5-5--------------------------| |--5-6-4-6-5--------------------------| |--4-7-4-7-4---x8 for each chord -----| |--4-7-2-7-4--------------------------| |--2-5-x-5-2--------------------------|
|---(0)(0)-(0)(0)(0)---||----3 0--0-0-0--------||---(0)(0)-(0)(0)(0)---||----------------------||----------------------||----------------------| at the end.
it carries on in this pattern until the very end where: ("And your hiding in my soup..")
|----2-2-| |----2-5-| |----5-4-| |----4-4-| |----4-2-| |-0--2-x-| Alex Turner (the writer presumably, although it could be a cover), swaps between
these chords with the lyrics. It then resumes the Main Verse "the teasing of the fire be followed by the thud.." "In the jostling crowd..."
|----2-| |----2-| |----5-| |----4-| |----4-| |----2-| ...and the photobooth's a liar.
Assumes Main Verse pattern again. and it ends "if its *something* in their temples" with the chord.
|----2-| |----2-| |----5-| |----4-| |----4-| |----2-|
and thats about it! Any questions: contact
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