Arctic Monkeys - Bad Woman tab

Em |789977|
Bm |799777|
Am |577555|
G  |355433|


Verse Em When you left the house this evening, Em you said you'd be back in a little while. Em But I've been waiting for such a long time, Bm Am G BmBm<--two sharp down strokes and this waiting is driving me wild. Verse 2 Em And while I wait I think about you, Em do you need me and I'm not there? Em Are you planning to be without me? Bm Am G BmBm<--two sharp down strokes Do you have a new affair? Chorus Bm Am G You're a bad, bad woman. Bm Am G BmBm<--two sharp down strokes You're a bad, bad woman.
Verse 3 Em Pictures of you keep flashing to my mind. Em If you would only call, if you would be so kind. Em Imagine things, I've seen another man. Bm Am G BmBm<--two sharp down strokes And it's this waiting I just can't stand.
Played over the chordsChorus E|---------------------| Bm Am G <------ B|---------------------|You're a bad, bad woman. G|-9129129129--129129--| Bm Am G <------ D|---------------------|
You're a bad, bad woman. A|-^Just flick between 9 and 12 Bm Am G E|---------------------|You're a bad, bad woman. Bm Am G BmBm<--two sharp down strokesYou're a bad, bad woman.
Quality song, Hawley and the monkeys both sheffield legends
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