Cornerstone chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Arctic Monkeys - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone chords ver. 2

Tuning: Standard
This is the capo version of Cornerstone chords by Robert Farell that was submitted 
by MyNameIsRamone.

Thanks a lot you two for making and submitting this tab here.

I think it would be a lot easier for some novice player to play this song without 
the bar chords :) so i made the capo version of it.
But i’m still can’t figure how to play Dm while placing your capo on 2nd fret so i 
guess you still have to play the chord like this:

Dm: 556645

here we go.....


Guitar 1 (Alex Turner)


Verse 1
GI thought I saw you in the battleship
C Ambut it was only a look-a-like
GShe was nothing but a vision trick
C AmUnder the warning light
Em G EmShe was close, close enough to be your ghost
GBut my chances turned to toast
C Am G (Em G Em)When i asked her if i could call her your name
GI thought I saw you in the rusty hook
C AmHuddled up in a wicker chair
GI wandered over for a closer look
C AmAnd kissed who ever was sitting there
Em G EShe was close, and she held me very tightly
G'Til I asked awfully politely, please
C Am GCan I call you her name.
(To transition into the chorus play this; G Em G Em Em, listen out for the strumming) Chorus
C AmAnd I elongated my lift home,
Em CYeah, I let him go the long way 'round
AmI smelt your scent on the seatbelt
EmAnd kept my shortcuts to myself
G C Em (Come in with G at the end of the chorus and play these chords like in the verse) Verse 2 (Same Pattern)
GI thought I saw you in the parrots beak,
C AmMessing with the smoke alarm,
GIt was too loud for me to hear her speak,
C AmAnd she had a broken arm,
Em G EmIt was close, so close that the walls were wet
GAnd she wrote it out in letra-set
C Am BmNo, you can't call me her name
G BmTell me where's your hiding place
G BmI'm worried I'll forget your face
EmAnd I've asked everyone
Am Em I'm beginning to think I imagined you all along
C AmAnd I elongated my lift home,
Em CYeah, I let him go the long way 'round
AmI smelt your scent on the seatbelt
DmAnd kept my shortcuts to myself
Solo G C Am x2 (Play this like you would in the verse) Em Am C Em Verse 3
GI saw your sister in the cornerstone
C AmOn the phone to the middle man
GWhen I saw that she was on her own
C AmI thought she might understand
Em GShe was close, well you couldn't get much closer
Em G CShe said i'm really not supposed to but yes,
Am GYou can call me anything you want.
Fade out.
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