Arctic Monkeys - Probably Couldnt See For Lights tab

++++++++++probably couldnt see for lights but you were staring ....++++++++++++               
                    by the arctic monkeys .......
great song , sorry if this tabs a bit rubbish , its my first ! my fave
monkeys song and one with no GOOD tab ! 

B5 / D5,G5 / D5,G5 / x3
B5 / C#5 

VERSE 1 ( one look sends it .... )play this and where i put x , rest .I--------------------------------------------------II--------------------------------------------------II--------------------------------------------------II-9-7------------------5---------------------------I X4I-----9-7-x-5-77-x-5-7---5-4-----------------------II--------------------------------------------------I
the notes above should kinda of match the vocals . well , im so tense ....(this is all played high on the E , around 12th fret ) B5 / D5 / E5 / F5,D5 / x8 REPEAT INTRO B5 / D5 , G5 / X2 Now Repeat the verse part again :
I--------------------------------------------------II--------------------------------------------------II--------------------------------------------------II-9-7------------------5---------------------------I X4I-----9-7-x-5-77-x-5-7---5-4-----------------------II--------------------------------------------------I
this is all i got worked out so far , il update when i work more out . please rate this tab .
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