Arctic Monkeys - Wavin Bye To The Train Or The Bus tab

Wavin' bye to the train or the bus - arctic monkeys

Intro Pt1E|-------------|---------------|-------------|------------|B|-------------|---------------|-------------|------------|G|-------------|-------------3-|-5/7-5-3-5-3-|------------|D|-------------|---0--3-4-5----|-------------|-5-4-3------|A|----1----3-1-|-3-------------|-------------|-------5-4-3|E|-3----1------|---------------|-------------|------------| x2
Verse Gm F CmE|---------------|-----------|B|---------------|-----------|G|---------------|-----------|D|---------------|-----------|A|---1-3---------|-----1-3-5-|E|-3-----1-3-1-3-|-1-3-------|
Chorus; G - Am Bm
middle 8: G Bm Am G Bm AmE|-----3-------2--------5---5h7p5------|-----3--------2-------5-------5h7p5-|B|-------3-------3--------5-------5h7p5|-------3--------3-------5--5h7-----7|G|---4-------4--------5----------------|---4--------4-------5---------------|D|-5-------4--------7------------------|-5--------4-------7-----------------|A|-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
G Bm Am G Bm AmE|-----3-------2--------5---5h7p5------|-----3--------2---------|B|-------3-------3--------5-------5h7p5|-------3---------3--1---|G|---4-------4--------5----------------|---4--------4----4--2---|D|-5-------4--------7------------------|-5--------4------4--2---|A|-------------------------------------|------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|------------------------|
Them (fast): Bm Am outro: (everything) G - Bm Am Lyrics w/chords: Gm F Cm Gm F Cm Oh Baby, Im wanting to do ya a swap Gm F Cm Gm F Cm Well i give you anything in return for the noises you got Gm F Cm And I can see you want to be attendented to Gm F Cm Just count to 29 and I'll attend to you Gm F Cm Gm F Cm Oh for sure. Well certainly. Yeah, yeah, yeah G Am Bm G Wavin' bye to the train or the bus Am Bm G I'm ever so worried because Am Bm G I don't want to get all forgotten Am Bm (scream) Gm F Cm Gm F Cm So very comfortable don't really need to put up ma feet Gm F Cm Gm F Cm And even in fat sam's grand slam can't see it being easier to speak Gm F Cm When you karate kicked your way to someone new Gm F Cm And I'm a memory that don't know what to do Gm F Cm Gm F Cm All on his own. Collecting his (dole?) and stuff. G Am Bm G Wavin' bye to the train or the bus Am Bm G I'm ever so worried because Am Bm G Am Bm I don't want to get all forgotten G Am Bm Cos we know. G Am Bm Yer we knoo-o-o-ow. G Am Bm G Am Bm Oh we knooooow whoa-o-o. G Bm Am G Bm Am G Bm Am G Don't know where we're going baby Bm Am G Bm Am G I s'pose it depends Bm Am G Bm Am But even if we're all far apart G Bm Am We can all come back and all be fine G (N.C.) And we'll be able to Bm Am G Be together again x7 Bm Am G Bm Am G Everybody'll be together again
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