Arctic Monkeys - Bakery Live Acoustic tab version 1

               The Bakery (Live Acoustic Version) - Arctic Monkeys

      Hey, I saw this tab on ultimate-guitar by another person.  Parts of it were a
bit off, so I revised it a little bit.  It should be near 100% correct, if not, then atleast
correct than the other version.  The solo is completely different and I changed one or 
other parts.  As mentioned in the other tab, the part, "I wish I'd seen you down in
arcade..." near there, the chords go up to around the 9th/7th frets, you should be able 
pick it up by ear.

Again, this tab is not of the official album version, it's the live version.  To play
with it, just search Bakery Song on youtube.

Please feel free to revise my version in the comments section.

For further questions/comments:  (i'm not really emo)
"The Bakery"


A                     C#m           F#m
I wish you would have smiled in the bakery
Or sat on a tatty settee
At some mutual friend's gathering

A                        C#m
And the more you keep on looking
The more it's hard to take
Love, We're in stale mate

Dm                                  C#m
To never meet is surely where we're bound
There's one in every town
Just there to grind you down

A C#m F#m I wish I would have seen you in the post office Bm Well maybe I did and I missed it... Dm Too busy with the mind on clever rhymes A C#m F#m why not the rounder's pitch or the canteen? Bm You're slacking Love; where have you been? Dm Just had to go and wait until tonight...
Lead Guitar Solo:e|-12--10--9--7--5--5/9--9--12p9--5/7--7--12--10--9--7--10--9--7----------|B|-12--10--9--7--7------------------------------------------------9-------|G|-13--11--9--7--7--------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Rhythm guitar solo: A C#m F#m Bm Dm C#m Bm So give me the invite... Dm*** Don't worry it's alright...
A C#m F#m I wish I would have seen you down in the arcade Bm Dm A Sipping on a lemonaid in the paper cup and chewing on the straw C#m F#m and I wish I'd seen you in the bakery Bm Dm But if seen you in the bakery... (PAUSE) you probably wouldn't have seen me Optional outro: A F#m Dm F A | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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