Area 7 – Skin Deep tab

Skin Deep - Area 7

This is the original version one of Area 7's very first songs, from
their EP "Road Rage". Here are all of the chords, have a listen to
the song to get the timing right.
Jarrod Barker (
Each '/' is a beat in 4/4 time

A /// //// //// E ///

(verse 1)
A /// /// D E /// ////
A plastic suit and no cause of death

A /// /// D E /// ////
everyday fish, don't need to hold their breath
C#m /// A ///
was he looking for something to do
C#m /// D ///
or did he have something to say
C#m /// A /// E /// ////
or was he just tryin, to run away

A /// E /// F#m /// D ///
Re-al-ity is only skin de-ep
A /// E /// F#m /// D / D-sus-4 D
I much prefer not to be a white sheep
A /// E /// F#m /// D ///
he wonders why everybody thinks he seems so strange
A /// E /// A /// ////
hey but it really doesn't matter when reality is only skin deep

.... and so on until the end (solo is under verse chords). The last line
of the last chorus ends on 'D' end the repeated lines end on 'E' again
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