Ariana Grande – Honeymoon Avenue chords

Honeymoon Avenue-Ariana Grande
No Capo

D A Em G

D A I looked in the rearview mirror and
EmIt seemed to make a lot more sense
GThan what I see ahead of us
Ahead of us, eh.
D A Are you ready to make that turn
EmBefore we both crash and burn
GCause that can be the death of us
The death of us BRIDGE: Baby you know how to drive in rain
D AYou decide another make change
Stuck in the same old lane
Em GGoing the wrong way home.
DI feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper
A EmTraffic, I'm going to crash it cause I can't have you the way that I want
GLet's just go back to the way it was.
DWhen we were on Honeymoon Avenue
AHoneymoon Avenue
EmBaby, constantly crazy
GCan we go back to the way it was.
D A Hey, what happened to the butterflies
EmGuess they were kinda fast that time
GAnd my heart is at a yellow light
AA yellow light
D A Why would I think that we found it
EmWell that's at least I turned it around
GYou're saying baby don't worry
Em ABut we're still going the wrong way.
Em GThey say only fools fall in love
DThey must be talking about us
ASometimes I feel like we've been here before
D AI could be wrong but I know I'm right
Em GThink we're in love but we continue to fight
EmHoney I know
AWe can find our way home.
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