Ariel Rivera – A Smile In Your Heart chords ver. 2

         TITLE: SMILE IN YOUR HEART (Originally Done By: Mr. Ariel Rivera)
        C&T BY: D&R


  F: 133211/133xxx  
 Bb: x13331/x133xx 
  C: x32010/x355xx
 Am: xx2210/577xxx
 Dm: xx0231/x577xx
 Gm: 355333/355xxx
 Eb: x68886/x688xx
Bbm: x13321/688xxx
Ebm: xx1342/x688xx
  B: x24442/799xxx
G#m: 466444/466xxx
 C#: x46664/x466xx
 F#: 244322/244xxx


Verse 1:
Fi had a feeling that you're holding my heart
Bb Cand i know that it is true
Fyou wouldn't let it be broken apart
Bb Ccause it's much too dear to you
Bb Am Dmforever we'll be together
Bb Cno one can break us apart
Bb Am Dmfor our love will truly be
Bb Gm Ca wonderful smile in your heart
Verse 2:
Fwhen the night comes and Im deep in your arms
Bb Chow i feel so much more secure
Fyou wouldn't let me close my eyes
Bb Cso i can see you through and through
Bb Am Dmyou're a sweet tender lover
Bb Cwe are so much in love
Bb Am Dmi'm not afraid when you're far away
Bb Gm Cjust give me a smile in your heart
Bb you brighten my day
C Fyou're showing me my direction
Bb you're coming to me
C Fand giving me inspiration
Bb C how could I ask for more
Am Dmfrom you my dear
Bb Gm Cmaybe just a smile in your heart
Verse 3:[Do Same Chords Verse 1] i'm always dreamin' of being in love but now i know that this is true since you came into my life it's true love that i had found i pray that you wouldn't leave me whatever may come along but if you do i won't feel so bad just give me a smile in your heart Chorus: [Do Same Chords Chorus] you brighten my day you're showing me my direction you're coming to me and giving me inspiration
Bb Chow could i ask for more
Am Dmfrom you my dear
Bbmaybe just a smile in your..
[Move Chord 1 Fret Higher]
F#maybe just a smile in..
Byou brighten my day
C# F#you're showing me my direction
Byou're coming to me
C# F#and giving me inspiration
B C#how could i ask for more
Bbm Ebmfrom you my dear
B F# C#maybe just a smile in your heart
Bbm EbmOoh..ohh..ohh
B G#m C# F#Give me a smile from your heart
F#-Bbm-Ebm-E-B[To Fade]F#E|-----------------------------------|A|---7-9-9/11----9-7-9-11-FADE-12----|D|-6----------10---------------------|G|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
END.. This is the way we played this song! Hope That You Appreciate the Chords we made.. TY. :-) A Very Special Thanks to Mr. Ariel Rivera Siya kasi Vocal Namin nung jinam namin to!HEHEHE..JOKE LANG PO!!
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