Ark 9 - Such A Joy To See You tab

Such a Joy to See You
CD: Ark 9 "Wake Up" not yet released
Words and Music by: Steve Woolsey
Transcribed by: S. Woolsey

For the intro both lead and rhythm play simultaneously.  All 'D' chords in the intro
should be played by hammering on the 3rd high 'E' fret mid-strum.


D, D, C, G  4x

Verse: G D Em C Sometimes I feel like you're too far away G D Em C And this seems to happen almost every day D Em C I wish you were closer, cause this is too rough D Em C The few times I see you, are never enough G D Em C Under average circumstances, I wouldn't care G D Em C but you're no average girl, just look at you there.. D Em C With your bright smile and your beautiful place D Em C C Whenever you're here, you just light up the place... Chorus: C G It's such a joy to see you D Everytime that I do Em Whenever I'm near you C All I do is shake G Just something about you D But what I wish I knew Em Tho I do not need to C Thats one chance I'll take G D Em C Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone G D Em C It's at times like these when I'm too far from home D Em C But home in itself, is too far away D Em C From the one human being who's in my mind constantly... G D Em C Ask me a question, anything at all G D Em C And if I can't see you, i'll give you a call D Em C And then on the phone, once we talk for awhile D Em C When the phone call is over, I'll leave with a smile... Chorus Play Intro Twice (8x instead of 4) with variations on the lead. Chorus 2x Outro: G..D....Em..C repeat till fade out Written for LW, Ark 9 Music Home:
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