Arkells – No Champagne Socialist tab

Band: Arkells
Song: No Champagne Socialist
Album: Jackson Square
Label: Dine Alone Records

D/F# - G - D
Let the record show: It's 1964 in the city of New York.
Take the train to Queens and meet a Jewish Family, he's the youngest boy of three.
His brothers have left home and he's on the same road, just credits shy of a Diploma.
But he wants to represent the struggling with rent, and he can't live on both sides of the fence.

G - F - Em
He continues to insist that he's no champagne socialist.

D - Am - G
(Harmonica Part)

D/F# - G - D
Now he's not coming back. After studying the facts, he knows all the problems in the past.
And he's quick to concede, that in order to proceed, you can't just keep on preaching when we need.
To become a working man is to live and work with them... and this is something you can't pretend

G - F - Em
So he continues to insist that he's no champagne socialist

D - Am - G
(Harmonica Part)
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