Arkells - Im Not The Sun tab

Arkells - Im not the sun

The tab is a bit rough around the edges but sort through it as you will.

B5 A5 G5 Slipped through the front door without a key B5 A5 G5 Itís always unlocked when you're waiting for me B5 A5 G5 And I have to wait till your roommates were sleeping B5 C5 G5 They give you a hard time that I was over B5 A5 G5 Yours eyes light up always the same B5 A5 G5 Just like I was taking you on a first date B5 A5 G5 If you have no reason for feeling this way B5 C5 G5 Chorus: (Chords in the background)
e|------------------|B|--5-3---------3---|G|------4-2-0-3---4-| x4D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Chorus lyrics: So donít let me be your guiding light Cuz that was never my power Iím not the sun Thereís no guarantee I burn out hard like a spark Interlude: B5 D5 C5 (power chords around that area)
thene|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-12-14-11--9-7---| x4D|---------------9-|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
First solo Improvise off this:
Chorus with solo still playing in the background B5 A5 G5 So donít let me be your guiding light B5 A5 G5 Cuz Iíll keep you lost in the dark B5 A5 G5 Cuz Iím not the sun Theres no guarantee B5 C5 G5 Cuz I burn out hard like a spark B5 C5 G5 Yeah, I burn out hard like a spark Second solo Improvise off this
etc. whatever sounds best to you then
e|----------|B|-12h14h15-| repeat til end.G|----------|D|----------|A|----------|E|----------|
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