Arkells – Im Not The Sun tab ver. 2

Arkells - I'm not the sun

Intro e|------------------|B|--5-3-------------|G|------4--2-----2--| X2D|------------5----4|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Verse B5 A5 E5 Slipped through the front door without a key B5 A5 E5 ItΒ’s always unlocked when you're waiting for me B5 A5 E5 And I have to wait till your roommates were sleeping B5 C5 G5 They give you a hard time that I was over B5 A5 E5 Yours eyes light up always the same B5 A5 E5 Just like I was taking you on a first date B5 A5 E5 If you have no reason for feeling this way B5 C5 E5 Chorus
e|------------------|B|--5-3-------------|G|------4--2-----2--| X3D|------------5----4|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Interlude: B5 X3 B5 D5 C5 X2
e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-12-14-11--9-7---| x4D|---------------9-|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Those are the parts of the song
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