Arkells – Kiss Cam Acoustic chords

			     Arkells - "Kiss Cam"
Tabbed by: Jordan Collin

Tuning: Standard, CAPO 3

These are the chords used at the live acoustic sessions or whatever. Not 100% correct 
but whatever.
The chord listed as A2 is just a x03210, don't what the name for that is.
Also the bridge I'm not sure about, just muck around with what I have there.

The little part Mike plays:

C A2 G AmThis campfire wont last forever
C A2 G AmThe Hip have only wrote so many songs.
And we can sort of harmonize together You hold my hand, as you try to hold on. We cant stay up north for the summer - Head back to the city and find a job. I know my family loves you like their daughter But I know you feel like I strung you along CHORUS
Dm AmAt a time you were kissing me,
A2 CThe camera found chemistry; cheering for us in cheap seats.
Driving home I can see you stare at me differently. Were stuck in the nosebleeds baby. VERSE True love never needed luxury. Our love never needed any pretty scenery. We embraced the summer heat, And those walks that took forever through suburban streets. BRIDGE
D G C A2 (True love) If you want to leave me baby
True love is always complicated. Your friends never liked me much at all. Thered be times that Id come home almost crying But she never knew it was always my fault. CHORUS etc.
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