Arlibido - Down On You tab

Song: Down On You
Band: Arlibido
Album: [safe ?n? sexy] (1998)
Words by: Tim MacNeill
Music by: Arlibido
Tabbed by: Matt Finateri

Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb  (1/2 step down)

There are a lot of little nic-naks, that Tim throws in quite a
bit during this song.  For example, he lifts his index finger
from the B string when playing an Am, in the chorus.  Or during
the Am, in the last chorus, he?ll place his pinky on the high e
string, on the 3rd fret and pick between the first 3 strings.

There are a few more, but just listen to the track and you should
be able to pick them up.  They are all based on the chord that is
to be played, so you shouldn?t have any trouble.

*RiffIntro:4x / Verse Ceb|-------------------------------------|Bb|--------1-------------1--------------|Gb|------0---0-------0-----0------------|Db|----2-------2---2---2-----2h3p2-2----|Ab|--3-----------3-------------------3--|Eb|-------------------------------------|
*Verse You are so beautiful I feel like I?ve been just beaten up in an alleyway Come here, and I?ll pay homage to you If you open me up with your classic eyes *Pre-Chorus Am I will go down on you G F Just like I did, on that last time when you home Am G And I will comfort you, just like I said I would F Darling... *Chorus (F) C Please leave me alone Am Don?t lead me along G Cause I don?t want to be alone, be alone F C Oh, no no no *Verse (riff) You are so criminal You ripped through me just like rip through everything And it?s not really bothering you That you?re tearing me up with your classic eyes *Repeat Pre-Chorus *Repeat Chorus *Bridge - 2x Am(addG) It get?s a little hot down there G It get?s a little hot down there F(addG) It get?s a little hard down there all the time *Repeat Chorus There ya have it. Questions, comments...ICQ# - 91965076
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