Arlo Guthrie – Carry Me Over tab

Carry Me Over
words and music by Arlo Guthrie 

          G                                     C      D    G
There's a tavern up on the roadside   I must be coming into town
                                        F                   D
The moon must be in Aries   Because the truck ain't slowing down
Am                 C                          D        G  
Pulled back on the throttle   I've been doing that all day
                                         C     D   G
Looking ahead for a right-hand turn   To carry me away

        G                                   C         D      G
There's times for understanding    It don't seem like one of those
                                           F               D
The times are too demanding    When you're hanging by your nose
       Am                 C                          D       G
So why don't you just get out of here   And leave me here to pray
                                                          C     D    G
That one of these mornings the sun's going to rise    And carry me away

G        C  D     G                  C  D     G
Carry me over the highway   Carry me over the sky
         C   D    Em                   C       D       G
Carry me over the loneliness   That I'm feeling here tonight

                                                    C         D      G   
You know I'm feeling just like a riptide    And I'm feeling a little scared
                                     F           D
A twisted maze of old highways     Nobody has repaired
         Am                    C                        D    G
It ain't nothing that can't be handled    Like an actor in a play
                                                C             D        G
Who becomes enraged, jumps from the stage   And gets a little carried away

                                      C       D     G
Now all of your highways   Don't mean much to me no more
                                            F               D
I've been on all of your highway roads   Of that you can be sure
      Am                 C                                   D       G
But I still get lost on all of them roads    I can't seem to find my way
                                           C     D   G
I know there's one out there somewhere  To carry me away

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