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Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 13:33:52 +0200
From: Gil Bates 
Subject: g/guthrie_arlo/wont_be_long.crd

For all the Arlo's fans,
Here's that old Arlo's song (1974), as I heard it, and transcribed 20
years ago (1978).
Any corrections would be appreciated
I play it with capo on first fret.
Gil Bates

Won't Be Long
words and music by Arlo Guthrie

G                                 Em
Not so long ago I set out on this road
        C                 D             G
With my friends and my companions by my side
G                                Em
And I think of you wherever I do go
Em      C            D           G
I'm a rambler, I ain't hard to satisfy.

C                       D               G
Won't be long till I am home again with you
G       C                 D
Just a few more miles to go
D        G               D              Em
Won't be long till I can get back on my own
Em       C                 D                G
Won't be long till I can spend my time with you

G /Em /Em C /D G

In the airport I'm standing in a line
Search my pockets, check me out and I'm alright
It's not hard but it ain't easy all the time
To be in some other town most every night


Oh, I miss the singing from porch banjo nights
And when friends come by to pass the time away
And when the winds that chill the Bershires in the night
Heading east through Massachusetts toward the bay.

?1974 Howard Beach Music Inc. (ASCAP)
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