Armor For Sleep – Dream To Make Believe tab

Armor For Sleep
Dream To Make Believe
Dream To Make Believe
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Key: C

Chords used;
F -  133211
Am - x02210
C -  x32010
G -  320003
Dm - xx0231


Silence:e|-3-------------0-------|B|---0-1---3-1-----3-1-3-|G|-------0-----0---------|D|-----------------------| x2A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
Ditortion: F--Am-- x2 Verse 1: F It's funny how things work out Am The ones we need don't know we're there F If I were sand and you were oceans Am The moon would be why you're pulled to me Chorus: Dm Am F I wake up and think dreams are real Dm Am F I sleep so I don't have to feel Dm Am F The truth that you can't ever be Dm Am F (hold) The one person that won't ever forget me Interlude: F--Am-- x2 Verse 2: F I hope that dreams come when I die Am So we can talk I won't wake up F I'll ask you how your life worked out Am I'll never know that I'm just dreaming (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Do intro riff until bridge Bridge: F Let me sleep some more Am Let me sleep some more (Repeat x8) Outro: F--Am--
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