Arrogant Worms - Gaelic Song tab

The reason I am posting this is that chords to this song were impossible for me to find
on the Internet, and the "text" seemed a bit wrong, containing the wrong sounds, in all
of the sites I encountered. To me, this sounds closer. The music playing while the
talking is being done is on the same series of chords as in the part which is sung. 

       D                     G            D
Ah ma wee hach patew mae bo clee hach maneagh 
       G              D              E          A   
Karu meow meow meow meow meow meow meow BACH meow 
           G              D               G                D
Staigha chough loo loo cheow dach dagh vreigh chouach mouheaugh 
         G           D            A             D
Dobauh peah mae couchah moo ma bleagh blach hooragh

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