Art Garfunkel – The Paper Chase chords

THE PAPER CHASE – Jimmy Webb (Art Garfunkel version)

D A G DYou can't erase the Paper Chase
G DShe'll make you play it
G AIn the bright merry morning
D AShe'll run and hide
G DAnd leave you the paper promises
Em D G ABehind her as she runs across the square
D A G DYou can't win the race, She'll set the pace
G DYou will hear her laughing
G AJust behind the foolish fences
D A GThrow back the gate and find the
D Em DPiece of paper lying on the curbstone,
G ABut the lady won't be there.
G DLater in the day,
G CYou'll be searching for a way
F DTo let her know you're ready
G CFor her little game to end
F DCause it's getting dark, and then-
D A G DYou'll see her face, a glimpse of lace
G DAnd you'll go running
G A Through the last sweet dying daydream
D A G DCalling her name, but she's been home an hour,
Em DLaughing at the mirror
G AAs she combs her paper hair.
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