Artist Vs Poet – Adorable chords

Okay guys this is my first tab, so take it easy on meh. I tabbed this by ear, and watching their acoustic youtube video. For strumming watch the video or listen to the song. Here's the video I used: and I'm not sure what the chords are called, but they are usually shaped with the third fret of the high e and b string down. Like Em would be:0-2-2-0-3-3 So yah, Have fun figuring it out! I did (:
CAPO 1ST FRET Intro: G - D - Em - C (x2) Verse: G - D - Em - C (x4) Pre-Chorus: Am - Em - C Am - Em - C - D~ Chorus: G - D - Em - C Em - Gsus4 - Em - C (x2) Repeat Intro! Verse 2! same as verse 1 (just not the words) Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: C - G (with deadened strumming) (x2) Pre-Chorus Chorus (x2) Second time, end with: G - D - Em - C Outro: G- D - Em - C~
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